Our Company

We are proud to announce more than 30th anniversary of Moped 91 Ltd. Over the years, our Hungarian owned company has gradually become one of the most dominant wholesalers in Europe in its market segment thanks to the well-earned reputation in service excellence.

The Moped 91 Ltd., as the name shows, founded in 1991 as a limited partnership. It started as a two-person family-owned company in Csengőd (Hungarian small village) in a 60-square-foot warehouse. Initially most of stock holdings was the parts of former eastern socialist blok motorcycles what contained more than 500 types of products. In 1993 the stockpile expanded with bicylce parts so the growing stock holdings should not keep on 60-square-foot, that’s why the company continued the activity in leased warehouse, then in 1997 moved in Dunaharaszti, where is the 2000-square-foot central warehouse. In 2008 in here can be found 8000 products, including Japanese and Italian scooter parts, which gave great impetus to the domestic and export market. In 2012 the stockpile bloated for 12 000 parts and associated products. In 2o19, we started selling own-brand (Lynx) bicycles. The Moped91 team had nearly three decades of experience in parts sales. Leveraging the valuable history and knowledge accumulated during this time, we have broken into the domestic bicycle segment. We believe that with quality in mind, we are able to provide our customers with not only safe, but also durable and barrier-free bikes. In 2o2o  we have already grown into a real huge wholesaler with 12 ooo different products. Between 2021 and 2022 we started and finished warehouse expansion; additional offices also created.We have created a showroom for our partners. Our new ERP system is launched. At this time we also improved the technical equipments of our bicycles. Nowadays we are importing our products from more than 200 supplier, 12 countries of 3 contient, and export for 10 – 15 countries.



But a company is not only numbers!

Our expert team with more than 30 years experience offer a wide range of products almost to You! The partner, You are in the centre for us, which we thanks for Your trust. Our values are the correct market behavior and the reliability. If You choose us You do not be scared of uncertain, dubious products. You get from us only quality and brand, which we give you in individual and classy packing, and we do not left alone You in the field of sales: we ensure your succes and no need scared the competition with our product labels which compliance for the Hungarian standards, catalogues, product descriptions.
The future

We are going to strive to create more values for You in the future. We try to innovate in the field of individual services for deepening our contacts with You.

The quality of our products and the uniqueness of our services rests of the foundations we could satisfy our partners’ needs, wants and the expectations everytime.

The continuous improvement of our products and the services continuous reparing are the result of a series of steps which are closely related to, which is the result of the pledge of the  close cooperation of the joint succes with our partners.
All of our collegues work for the pledge of company, they support with full of commitment our company’s pursuit of value creations, whereby with their knowledge and experts helps the deepening of contacts with the partners. Our principle is the positive, incentive cooperation, the force which lies in the provided by joining multiplication, that more moving in the same direction we can achieve more, as if we work along divergent individual interests. We try convey this principle during our direct and indirect businesses in the whole entire industrial range.
Moped 91 Team